Weighing the Data

Locus Chiropractic Demographic data is sorted and ranked with the highest ideal Chiropractic population-to-Chiropractor’s ratio as it’s major format.

After you’ve purchased the data for your state or province, weigh the information in this order:

  1. Ideal Chiropractic population (25 to 54 years old) per Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) Ratio. This is the most important factor in determining a practice site.
  2. Median household income – $50K is desirable
  3. Ideal Chiropractic population
  4. Ideal Chiropractic population density per square mile
    1. Rural or small town – 1 to 50 persons
    2. Suburban – 50 to 600 persons
    3. City or urban – 600 persons and above
  5. Total number of Chiropractors
    1. In weighing the number of DC’s in a given area against the ideal Chiropractic population in the DC ratio, the number of D.C.’s is more important than the population. When making the final decision, count yourself when determining the D.C./population ratio (this number is included parenthetically in the data for your convenience).
  6. Total population
  7. Percentage of females (over 55% is desirable)
  8. Household ownership

Once you’ve considered these factors, begin to consider the more subjective or personal factors such as:

  • Is this a magnet community with good educational and health facilities?
  • Is this an area that you would like to live in?